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Powerpoint Lifestlyes is an integrated HR solutions consulting company providing a wide range of human resources consulting services to a number of diverse organisations from both private and public sector, and mainly SME's within South Africa.

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We take pride in our excellent quality HR services that assist organisations to align the human resources management systems to their existing business objectives. We partner up with organisations in order to assess and manage compliance to all labour legislation within South Africa. We develop and implement HR strategies, and provide effective HR management.


We provide a consultancy service using our solid theoretical and practical background in psychology by assisting small to medium businesses with organisational development. Through talent management we aim to develop a productive workforce that is efficient and effective in their respective roles. In simple terms we assist businesses to maximize employee efficiency and retain its employees.

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Excellent quality HR services and solid theoretical and practical background in psychology.

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+27 87 806 9100
121 4th Avenue, 2020 New York, N.Y.

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